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Nice port visit from cruise ship

Written by Rodney T W
When I went up on deck of the Costa Concordia early in the morning to get a look at Rhodes, I was surprised to see the walls, turrets and castle around the city. It had a Disneyland-look I didn't expect. For a cruise
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The sun and sea interacting together influenced Rhodes as on of the Mediterranean's most popular resorts. With its emerald waters, golden sand and pebble beaches together with the cedars and pines of its rich forest grounds and unspoiled natural landscape one can experience its magical spell, a temptation not only for the Greeks but to foreigners alike. The beaches in Rhodes not only attract families and couples but are extremely popular to water sports enthusiasts, beach volley ball and tennis fanatics.

The beaches around the town of Rhodes are home to large hotel units who's guests make up for the majority of sunbathers in this area. On the east coast of the island the beaches are definitely favored by the majority of visitors to the island and are considered the most beautiful. On the south coast the beaches are still under development, and to the west are virtually unspoiled. Our tour will commence from the town of Rhodes and the nearby beaches, proceeding around the island in a clockwise direction along the coastline