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Ialissos, Overall a good family destination

Written by Bryan
We stayed in Ialissos. If I were on my honeymoon or single, I would choose another island (or perhaps I would choose another part of Rhodes), but for a family with small children, or a wind/kite surfer, or people who don't want to be in a total party spot, Ialissos works just fine.
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Kattavia Village

Municipality of South Rhodes
Population: 590
83km from Rhodes Town

Kattavia is a small village located at the southern end of the island of Rhodes. It is generally considered to be a traditional agricultural village which has not yet been effected much by over development, but with the rising popularity of Prassonisi it does serve the overflow and due to this has a lively atmosphere in the summer months. During the Knights Period, Kattavia was turned into a fortified village where the population were protected by attacks from the forces of the Ottoman Empire, and many of these remains can still be found today.

The villages' patron saint is Aghia Paraskevi. Her name day is on the 26th of July, when the village throws a 3 day festival held within the village square. Another church dating back to the 10th Century dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Panagia Katholiki) is located within the village cemetery.