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Rhodes Island

Written by Tim Ross
What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, youíll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.
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Kalithea - Kalithies Village

Municipality of Kalithea
Population: 5,861
10km from Rhodes Town

Kalithies is a very traditional village with a charm of its own. It is situated inland, about 2km before the lively Faliraki, but should you be staying in Kalithies, the village offers its own entertainment and specialities and there is very little need to leave except of course to go to the beach. There are two specific points of interest in Kalithies, one of them being the stalactite caves of St. George, which is the oldest known Neolithic dwelling on the Island, believed to date back as far as 3500BC. The second point is the imposing Acropolis of Sarantapihos and Erimokastro, unfortunately only the very high outer walls remain today, but was built by the Crusaders in the 13th Century AD to protect the village against invaders. The name in Greek means deserted castle. Walking along the narrow alleys and numerous monuments, you will be surprised to find out they date back to the 13th century, when the village was referred to as Calathies, because of the kolytea plant flourishing all around the village.

The Patron Saint of Kalithies is Stavros (meaning the cross in Greek) and you should not miss the festival of the Honorable Cross held on the 13th of September. The local church known as the Metamorphosis of the Saviour dates back to the 16th Century and holds many beautifully preserved icons from that time. Kalithies is a lively village with most of itsí bars, restaurants and cafeterias located around the main square, the atmosphere and charm of this busy little village will keep you coming back time and time again