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Ialissos, Overall a good family destination

Written by Bryan
We stayed in Ialissos. If I were on my honeymoon or single, I would choose another island (or perhaps I would choose another part of Rhodes), but for a family with small children, or a wind/kite surfer, or people who don't want to be in a total party spot, Ialissos works just fine.
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Agios Giorgios Beach

Moist, spotless sand and cedars, for you and your loved one. The beach has various names: some call it Agios Giorgio's, after the little church you pass in the middle of nowhere as you travel along the seemingly endless dirt road; others call it Agios Pavlos, after the church situated on the main Kattavia road, just before you turn off down the dirt track in search of the sea. Whatever the name, one thing is for sure: this is a marvellous place for those with a jeep and an appetite for solitude with their partner.

To find the dirt track that leads down to the beach, look out for the abandoned Italian monastery with the clock tower, on the road from Gennadi to Kattavia. Just before you get to the monastery, turn left down the dirt track through the cypress trees, also planted by the Italians. After 7-8 kilometres you'll find the church of Agios Giorgio's. If you prefer to swim at a little cove, turn right. If you're looking for a big, sandy beach, carry straight on. Whichever you choose, you'll find the same cedar trees, moist sand and absolute peace and quiet in both places. (88 km from Rhodes town)