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It's Fantastic

Written by Amy Bendall
Rhodes is fantastic i would love to go again ang get a loverly tan again i also loved the pool at the hotel that i stayed at. I loved the hotel that i stayed in it had everything that i needed. The weather their was good to sunbath in but at night i could not get to sleep but that doesn't matter. The beach was loverly the sea was just so relaxing to lie in. The peolpe their were so nice to me i made friends with them and i learnt tospeak part of the Greek language. The shop's had English food me ( more... )
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Ialysos - Ialysos Village

Municipality of Ialysos
Population: 15,000
8km from Rhodes Town

Ialysos is the second-largest town on the island of Rhodes, and is located 8 kilometres south of Rhodes town, on the island's north-western coast. Ialysos was one of the first three ancient cities dating back to 1500BC and houses one of the most important archaeological sites on the island in the hills of Filerimos. Here you will find the remains of the temple of Zeus and Athena, the remnants of the Byzantine fortifications, the 14th century church of the Knights of St. John and the 13 stops Jesus took to the road of Calvery-a path of Cypress trees with impressive shrines on both sides. There is a 16m high cross at the end of the path, with a steep stairwell leading to the top-needless to say the views from this vantage point are second to none and on a clear day you can see as far as Lindos to the east and Kalymnos to the west.

Ialysos or Trianda as it is also known has long been a tourist destination, with several hotels and resorts located on the coast. It is also an excellent location for all kinds of surfing as it is located on the usually windy coast of the island. The area leaving from Rhodes Town as far as Kremasti has become a monopolis and the three areas in-between Ialyssos, Ixia and Trianta have merged into one. The facilities in these areas are very well organised with all sorts of family entertainment, cafeterias, bars and restaurants dotting the well paved and coastal roads. The beach is pebbly, which is good as it is so windy, that finer sand would otherwise sting your face, legs etc a good idea though to wear plastic flip-flops not to hurt your feet.