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It's Fantastic

Written by Amy Bendall
Rhodes is fantastic i would love to go again ang get a loverly tan again i also loved the pool at the hotel that i stayed at. I loved the hotel that i stayed in it had everything that i needed. The weather their was good to sunbath in but at night i could not get to sleep but that doesn't matter. The beach was loverly the sea was just so relaxing to lie in. The peolpe their were so nice to me i made friends with them and i learnt tospeak part of the Greek language. The shop's had English food me ( more... )
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Asklipios Village

Municipality of South Rhodes
Population: 673
64kms from Rhodes Town

The name Asklipio comes from the scholar of medicine Asklipios. The village is situated on the south eastern coast of Rhodes. It is a very charming small village housing the Castle of Asklipio built during the Knights Rule and still standing and providing magnificent views of the surrounding areas from the castle. The Byzantine church 'Dormition of the Virgin',built in 1060, it started as a cross but extended later to accommodate a larger congregation. Extraordinarily fine wall paintings and is well worth visiting..

An old oil press, now converted to a small folklore museum displaying ancient religious artifacts, old bibles and icons in the one room while the second room depicts the old way of village life with agricultural tools, bread making implements and even an old olive oil press. This is a co-operative venture by the villagers themselves who contributed many of the exhibits and well worth a few moments. 

The natural area that surrounds Asklipio is of particular beauty and variety with a rich forest of pines and olive groves. In the rivers of the region the endemic species of a small fish called Ladigesocypris ghigi (Gizani) is found. This species is protected by the European Community Legislation.