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Rhodes Island

Written by Tim Ross
What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, youíll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.
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Afandou Beach

Families with ice-boxes and folding chairs, couples with tents, Brits with their hot dogs and beers at the canteen, young people racing their jet-skis, locals coming down to Avanti for fish. There's ample room for them all on the huge beach at Afandou, and no one feels crowded. A sandy beach with some pebbles, and sea that deepens quite abruptly.

Some sections of the beach are commercially organised. Among the foreigners this is a favourite spot with Brits and Germans. There is a small number of small restaurants, beach sports centres and fish tavern's. On the coast road you will also find the Rhodes golf course. A small train and a bus service connect the beach to the village of Afandou. (18.5 km from Rhodes town)