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Nice port visit from cruise ship

Written by Rodney T W
When I went up on deck of the Costa Concordia early in the morning to get a look at Rhodes, I was surprised to see the walls, turrets and castle around the city. It had a Disneyland-look I didn't expect. For a cruise
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Anthony Quinn Bay

Natural stone surfaces ideal for reclining under the sun, pine trees reaching down to the water's edge, emerald green water - Anthony Quinn certainly showed impeccable taste when he fell in love with this miniature bay.

The beach is known today by the actor's name since he bought this part of the island when filming The Guns of Navarone here. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, whose reflection gives the water its deep emerald colour, this is one of the most beautiful beaches on all of Rhodes.

It's mostly popular with young people - especially Italians - since the sharp rocks both in and out of the water are not ideal for families with young 'children or elderly people. You'll find people here only in July and August - during the rest of the year the water is much too cold for most people. The finest spot is the rock right in the centre of the beach, with room for just four sun beds.

There is a jetty for small craft to moor, while many sailing boats anchor a little farther out, beyond the swimmers. At the top of the rocks you will find a canteen and a card telephone. 15 km from Rhodes town