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Nice port visit from cruise ship

Written by Rodney T W
When I went up on deck of the Costa Concordia early in the morning to get a look at Rhodes, I was surprised to see the walls, turrets and castle around the city. It had a Disneyland-look I didn't expect. For a cruise
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Muslim Mosques

In Rhodes Town

Murat Reis Mosque with its elegant minaret lies near the Prefectural Building. It is built on the site of Aghios Antonios Church next to the Knight's Cemetery. The Ottoman cemetery contains the tombs of exiled Ottomans, an admiral of Suleyman II's fleet in a round mausoleum and a poet banished by the Sultan for his sarcastic poetry. In the square around the mosque the ruins of the ancient walls have been found together with inscribed stone balls marked with their weight. They weight 2 to 261 kilos approximately. From the type of letters the balls have been dated to the famed siege by Dimitris Poliorcetes.
In the Old Town

Across the palace of the Grand Masters if you continue on Panetiou Street you will pass the the Turkish Library -this library was founded by Havour Ahment Aga in 1794  and houses several fine manuscripts - on your right and at the bottom of the hill the Mosque of Suleiman (Suleymaniye Cami Mosque) which is currently being restored. The mosque of Suleiman was built soon after the Ottomans occupied the city of Rhodes in 1522 on the site of the destroyed Christian Church of the Apostles.  In front of the Suleiman Mosque the old Turkish Bazaar has been transformed to a melee of the tourist shops that line Sokratous (or Socratous) Street.

In the middle of Sokratous  Street stands the small mosque of Aga. This mosque was built in 1820.

To the south of Ippokratous  sq., Pythagoras street leads off to the side of the  Ibrahim  Pasha  Cami. Built in 1531, this is the oldest Turkish religious building to have survived. It was repaired by the Italians, who also added a new minaret