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Rhodes Island

Written by Tim Ross
What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, youíll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.
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Other Sports & Activities

Rhodos Aeroclub is a non-profit making club run by its members. We belong to the Hellenic Aerosport Association under the auspices of the Hellenic CAA. The aeroclub is also a JAR registered Training Facility provifing VFR Private Pilot Licence PPL(A) training for light aeroplanes.

Rodos Paintball  can  organise your game in various battlefields such in Kremasti, Filerimos,  Profitis Ilias, Pefkous even in areas with deserted houses!!!
8th klm Tsairi - Airport Av.
Mini Soccer
CAFE QUE PASSA - 19th KLM Rhodes -Kamiros Av., tel. 22410 81533 
KALITHEA SOCCER CLUB 5X5 -Koskinou, tel. 6944 939291
KIOTARI 5x5 MINI FOOTBALL -Kiotari, tel. 22440 47319
MINI FOOTBALL -  12th Klm Rhodes-Lindos Av., Faliraki, tel. 22410 86291
MINI FOOTBALL 5x5 -Ag.Nikolaou str., Ialysos  tel. 22410 90169
OASIS SOCCER CLUB 5x5 - AG.Apostoloi tel. 22410 64680
VITSILEOS 5x5 M.F.C.   2nd KLM Rhodes-Lindos Av. tel. 22410 65507 

Go Karts
Cosmos Kart: Damatria, tel. 22410-47598
Go Karts: Lardos, tel. 22440-44510
Stand Go Karts: Faliraki, tel. 22410-86151