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Nice port visit from cruise ship

Written by Rodney T W
When I went up on deck of the Costa Concordia early in the morning to get a look at Rhodes, I was surprised to see the walls, turrets and castle around the city. It had a Disneyland-look I didn't expect. For a cruise
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Churches & Monasteries - Northern Area

The Church of Archangel Michael nearby the castle of Archangelos. The icing sugar tower of the church is easily picked out from this vantage point, finding a route down to it through the maze of narrow streets is a different matter. It lies at the heart of the old town crowded in by houses. The wedding-cake style of church tower is commonly seen on this island and on others in the Dodecanese group but this one at Archangelos is one of the prettiest. Cross vaulting, instead of the more usual barrel vault, is also a feature of architecture on the island.

The Church of Our Lady at Filerimos. The church has four chapels, the outer of which was built by Grand Master d'Aubusson and the innermost still has the floor of the original early Christian church with the mosaic fish decoration. Solitude reigns in the cloister at the rear of the church where the monks cells are each marked with a plaque, each showing a different flower. The remains in front of the church are those of the Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus. This temple was a larger version of the one at Lindos with a vestibule entrance guarded by four columns and an enclosed section at the rear, also with four columns. The remains of a paved floor of an even older Phoenician temple can be seen in front of one of the rectangular statue bases. In front of the temple to Athena is the small underground Byzantine chapel of Agios Georgios whose walls were decorated with frescos by the Knights of St John around the fourteenth to fifteenth century.

Moni Kalopetra, startlingly white in the glare of the sun, is reached just before the descent to the Valley of the Butterflies. The monastery has a peaceful courtyard with picnic tables where the countryside can be overlooked in quiet contemplation, perhaps with a drink since light refreshments are available.

Agios Soulas (Agios Silas), a tiny chapel in Soroni Village, within extensive grounds with a tavern, a play area and a race track! Crowds do gather, especially on the 29 and 30 July, the chapel's saints day, for a large festival which includes a major attraction unique on the island, donkey racing!

Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli, the fourteenth-century Byzantine church of with its interesting wall paintings, on the drive to Eleousa through the cool, green forests passes. It is believed that the hillsides here were once covered with hazelnuts.

The monastery of Agios Nectarios, nearby the Seven Springs. An archway leads to steps up to the grandiose Byzantine style church guarded by columnar cypress trees. The separate campanile, with a tiered construction, is borrowed from a later period. Picnic tables are provided just outside the church