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It's Fantastic

Written by Amy Bendall
Rhodes is fantastic i would love to go again ang get a loverly tan again i also loved the pool at the hotel that i stayed at. I loved the hotel that i stayed in it had everything that i needed. The weather their was good to sunbath in but at night i could not get to sleep but that doesn't matter. The beach was loverly the sea was just so relaxing to lie in. The peolpe their were so nice to me i made friends with them and i learnt tospeak part of the Greek language. The shop's had English food me ( more... )
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Local Cuisine

The wonderful world of Greek cuisine. For those of you who have already been fortunate to travel to Rhodes there is no need to remind you of the delicious food available on the island, for those of you not as fortunate take a tour with us and learn about the Rhodian foods available on the island.

STARTERS : Traditional Greek Salad (tomato, cucumber, olives, Spanish onions, cucumber, topped with Feta cheese and drenched in olive oil/vinegar), Tzsatsiki (Greek Yoghurt, garlic and cucumbers) one of the most popular appetizers, Taramosalata (Red caviar), fried aubergines, zucchinis or fried green peppers, Tyropitakia (Feta cheese pies), cheese croquettes, Zucchini balls, Chorta (Greek dandelions boiled).

MAIN DISHES: Pitaroudia (croquettes made of chickpeas), soupia with rice (risotto with squid), Moussaka (Egg plant, potato, mince meat topped with became sauce), stuffed tomatoes, meatballs, Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with mince meat and rice), soutzoukakia (meatballs in tomato sauce) and a variety of meat dishes from Chicken, Veal and Lamb.

GRILLED MEAT: Britzolas (pork/veal or lamb chops), Paidakia (ribs from lamb), Souvlakia (Pork /Chicken on the skewer). In Rhodes you will find many varieties of meats cooked on the spit such as, Kokoretsi, Gardoumpa and Splinantero (lambs kidneys and liver).

FISH DISHES: Rhodes is surrounded by the sea and offers a good selection of fish which are caught daily by the local fishermen to name a few; lobsters, (simply left on their own or partied with spaghetti and a succulent tomato sauce), shrimps, red mullets (Barbounia) perhaps the most expensive but seemingly so, the most popular. Other types are Tsipoura (sea bream), Lithinia (red sea breams), Fagria, Melanouria, Sargoi and Synagrides all very tasty grilled or fried. Other favourites are Octopus (grilled or boiled with vinegar) , Kalamari (squid), Sword Fish. Not to mention a typical Fish Soup containing excerpts of fishes, usually Synagrida or Fagri).

Accompanied by one of the many varieties of fine wines, ouzo - souma, Retsina produced on the island or a refreshing Greek beer 'Mythos', relaxing by the serenity of the Mediterranean sea is truly an ideal setting for that perfect Greek feast.