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It's Fantastic

Written by Amy Bendall
Rhodes is fantastic i would love to go again ang get a loverly tan again i also loved the pool at the hotel that i stayed at. I loved the hotel that i stayed in it had everything that i needed. The weather their was good to sunbath in but at night i could not get to sleep but that doesn't matter. The beach was loverly the sea was just so relaxing to lie in. The peolpe their were so nice to me i made friends with them and i learnt tospeak part of the Greek language. The shop's had English food me ( more... )
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Kamiros - Platania Village

Municipality of Kamiros
Population: 383
28km from Rhodes town

The village of Platania is located 38 km from Rhodes town with 17.850 acres of land and home to 383 inhabitants. The village is shadowed by a mountain range, with a truly majestic view of the countryside the village of Platania is just a few kilometers away from Apollona.

This is a very small enchanting Greek village situated in an area used for sheep and goat herding.  The village acquired its' name from the many Platania trees that grow in the region.  The village has a rich vegetation and lots of water.  With its serene surroundings the village attracts the Greeks who like to enjoy a quiet meal in one of its few tavernas. The residents of the village are involved mainly in the tourism profession and party with agriculture.