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Rhodes Island

Written by Tim Ross
What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, youíll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.
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Scuba Diving Courses

Duration 9 hours

Discover the world of scuba diving and explore the Aegean crystal-clear waters in a unique underwater experience, with one-day mini diving courses offering a taste of what diving is all about! The diving site is Kallithea bay, a famous spa constructed during the Italian occupation on the island. On board the diving boats, and on route to the diving site, professional instructors conduct diving theory sessions in various languages.  
At Kallithea Bay you will participate in one diving session, with an opportunity for an optional second dive at a reduced price. Snorkelling or Spectator tickets are also available for those who do not want to dive and prefer to watch the diving programme, swim or sunbathe.