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Nice port visit from cruise ship

Written by Rodney T W
When I went up on deck of the Costa Concordia early in the morning to get a look at Rhodes, I was surprised to see the walls, turrets and castle around the city. It had a Disneyland-look I didn't expect. For a cruise
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Vati Village

Municipality of South Rhodes
Population: 188
71km from Rhodes town

Vati is a small picturesque village on the road from Gennadi to Apolakkia. The traditional houses embrace the small square with the cafes that offer visitors warmth and hospitality. The central church of the village, Saint Ioannis the Theologian, was built during the 19th century.

In the region a visitor can find remarkable monasteries:
Saint George (14th century) at the village's cemetery
The monastery of Archangel Michael 'Paralimioti' (19th century), a post Byzantine monastery built on the ruins of an older one. The tabernacle of Virgin Mary 'Galatousa' (19th century). The monastery of Saint Raphael.

Natural environment
Vati is surrounded by forests, and olive groves a place  ideal for walking. Perennial olive groves can still be found in this region (according to the myth they belonged to Kleovoulos of Lindos).