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Rhodes Island

Written by Tim Ross
What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, youíll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.
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Kalithea - Psinthos Village

Municipality of Kalithea
Population: 1,166
20km from Rhodes town

Psinthos is a classic Greek small village. Characteristics are the running waters in fountain Fasouli and the age long platania, which reveal the beauty of Rhodes countryside. In the village square the visitor can see a church dedicated to Theotokos. Try the high quality honey from local producers. The taverns in Psinthos have an emphasis on grilled meat. If you decide you would like to have a typically local meal, pita-bread and fruits with a nice cold bottle of retsina, this is the place. Life centres round the village square where you can see quite a lot of people just sitting back and, to use a well known phrase, watching the world go by. A visit of the church festival, 8. September, is a must. It is always accompanied by good food, music and dance. Psinthos is famous as the site of the last battle between the Turks and Italians.