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Ialissos, Overall a good family destination

Written by Bryan
We stayed in Ialissos. If I were on my honeymoon or single, I would choose another island (or perhaps I would choose another part of Rhodes), but for a family with small children, or a wind/kite surfer, or people who don't want to be in a total party spot, Ialissos works just fine.
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Messanagros Village

Municipality of South Rhodes
Population: 330
83km from Rhodes Town

The smallest village on the island, Messanagros is located south of Rhodes and in the centre on the island, its name translated means inside field and that is exactly what it is. A very traditional and picturesque village first built high in the mountains, with a lush, green landscape of pine and cypress trees, mountain views, small waterfalls and a number one spot for hiking and walking trails. As you enter the village you cant help but notice the many windmills that proudly stand overlooking the village, and around the village many ancient archaeological discoveries have been made of paleo-christian temples. This suggests that Messanagros has been inhabited for thousands of years, although only recent buildings of a few hundred years are still standing.

The village square is small and only offers a small cafeteria and a mini-market as points of socializing. The number of inhabitants in this little village does not exceed 100, although on the 8th of September when the festivals of the Archangel Michael and the Virgin Mary take place, Messanagros comes alive and there is much festivity in this forgotten village.