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It's Fantastic

Written by Amy Bendall
Rhodes is fantastic i would love to go again ang get a loverly tan again i also loved the pool at the hotel that i stayed at. I loved the hotel that i stayed in it had everything that i needed. The weather their was good to sunbath in but at night i could not get to sleep but that doesn't matter. The beach was loverly the sea was just so relaxing to lie in. The peolpe their were so nice to me i made friends with them and i learnt tospeak part of the Greek language. The shop's had English food me ( more... )
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Lindos - Lindos Village

Municipality of Lindos
Population: 1,091
47km from Rhodes Town

Situated on the south-eastern coast of the island, Lindos was one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes. It also happens to be the most visited and photographed resort on the island, and widely believed to be the most charming. Lindos has its own unique presence and magic, the white sugar-cubed buildings which cling to the mountain, topped by the awe-inspiring Acropolis and flanked on both sides by the sparkling waters of the Aegean are absolutely breath-taking. The narrow cobblestone streets lead one into the village, through a maze of houses, bars, restaurants, past old sea-captains houses and all along the way you will want to stop to look into the windows, touch and smell the wares spilling onto the streets, and praying for the enchanted ness of the village to never end. 

On arriving into Lindos, you will have to go in by foot, or use the shuttle bus taking one into the Main Square, the views over Main Beach are awesome and offer a good photo stop. With its massive tree placed in the centre of the square and its cool waters trickling from the fountain, the main square is cool and shady. From here you walk into the village and one of the first sights you will see are the local Lindian Taxis these come in the form of a donkey and from here you can hitch a ride to the top of the Acropolis. The donkey ride through the outskirts of the village will give you a taste of what is to come, art galleries; gelaterias; gyros, crepes; jewellery shops; local shoes, ceramics and any number of curio stores bombard the senses. Once at the top of the Acropolis, you will experience breath-taking views over the Bays of Lindos and St.Pauls, of the village and surrounding areas. The archaeological sites have been renovated and one can see the famous Temple of Athena Lindia towering over all the other remains. The Palace of the Grand Master built by the Crusaders and traces left by the Byzantines can all be viewed and admired, taking you back in time to when the Knights ruled Rhodes.

Lindos by night is completely different to the chaotic daytime Lindos. It takes on a romantic, mystical air and with its special lighting and spectacular setting, will entice you into its warm embrace. The nightlife is also something not to be missed as apart from its astronomical appeal, the bars, cafeterias and nightclubs all leave you with a warm feeling of having spent the night with friends. Lindian bars offer something to appeal to all tastes, from the sea-captains houses' with romantic lighting and incredible decorations, to the courtyard bars filled with the aroma of sweet smelling flowers, to the louder, livelier, dancing on the table bar. The nightclubs are authentic and heave from mid-night right through to sunrise, and of course the creperies and gyros play a big role in how the night rounds off.